8 Ideas de Habitaciones de Lujo al Detalle

A menos que tu seas de las personas afortunadas que viven en habitaciones de lujo, si tienes curiosidad como viven esas personas afortunadas, aquí te traemos algunas ideas de habitaciones de lujo. Las habitaciones de lujo que aparecen en este post tienen ropa de cama suntuosa, iluminación elegante. Estos dormitorios nos ofrecen una visión del mundo que siempre parece fuera de nuestro alcance.
Qué te parecen estas Habitaciones de Lujo?

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We love these clean and modern posters from “Goods for the…

We love these clean and modern posters from “Goods for the Study/Picture Room”. If you want a hipster aesthetic, here’s a Berlin approach. www.mcnallyjacksonstore.com

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livingpursuit:Weekend House | Line Architects


Weekend House | Line Architects

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Okay thanks a million for your help! I would never have thought of bringing violet into my room at all, now that you've mentioned it I really like the idea

i think it could be totally great! post a photo if you get it done! 

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FuckYeahBedrooms is going to the Architectural Digest Home…

FuckYeahBedrooms is going to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2015! At least someone takes us seriously! Only joking, but what should we be posting! I’m thinking some chic lighting? Rugs? Let me know what you want to see?

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So I'm going to be able to decorate my room how ever I want all I know is I want something no one really would expect. Any suggestions ?

a fucking hot tub or if you have high enough ceilings, a half basketball court or a sleeping loft. 

other unexpected ideas: 

  • a fire pit,
  • a mosh pit
  • a kitchenette
  • an artist’s studio 
  • a bike shop
  • a bakery-themed room
  • no lighting at all, just candles 
  • no bed, just pillows everywhere
  • aquariums everywhere
  • 6 or 7 different beds for one person  
  • fog machine 
  • discotheque 
  • coffee shop 
  • science lab 
  • room full of cubicles 

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Hell your advice is very good! I was hoping you could help me too. My room is large and has a huge window. On the wall adjacent to the window there is an indent where my bed is. Almost everything I have is white except my mirror which is an old baroque mirror leaned against the wall. My walls are a dark blue color and my main question is what can I do to decorate the walls because the ceilings are high so I have a lot of empty wall space! I want it to feel personal but not cluttered. :)

High ceilings is a very complicated issue because while most people want them, they’re hard to ‘dress up’. take a look the bathroom at this $12m penthouse at 5 beekman street: 

the ceilings really are not helping there. My suggestions include: invest in a custom bookshelf that goes to the ceiling. It would add a great vertical energy. as a centering effort, hang a chandelier. it can bring the room’s energy down considerably. additionally, have a grid of photos, like this: 

the grid really can fill space tastefully.

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it is unfortunate that this furniture is neither aesthetically…

it is unfortunate that this furniture is neither aesthetically pleasing nor suitable for the size of this room. in tight spaces, avoid ‘fluffy’ materials or upholstery techniques. note the billowy bed cover and the oversized side table as well as the plump ottoman. in this case, find the priorities. if its a large bed, get a king size bed, but reduce the size of the other furniture. 

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In this striking arrangement at 301 50th st, the bedroom is…

In this striking arrangement at 301 50th st, the bedroom is met with a balcony. The wall of windows is great for lighting for (depending on exposure) a few hours a day. even if you don’t have a wall of windows, it is important to have at least 50 other sources of lighting for a well balanced room.

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It’s worth noting the curtains go to the ceiling here, rather…

It’s worth noting the curtains go to the ceiling here, rather than stop at the frame of the window. if you have low ceilings, consider this simple trick. Centering the bed in a room can also give a regal air to the room.

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